Sunday, November 1, 2009

The best day, ever

Today me and Elliott made the trip down to mandurah wedge. we were watching it for a short while and it was pretty good, it was pretty quiet with only a few guys out, Kim Feast was doing his thing on the knee but we didnt recognise anyone else. All of a sudden a toyota ute rocks up and out comes the man himself , Mitch Rawlins. Elliott and I were getting seriously amped at the sight of one of the best riders in the world, when 10 minutes later, another ute rocks up and Me and elliott almost pass out. Jake Stone, Ben Player and Chad Jackson step out and that was it. What followed was 2 hours of pure shredding, We and several others were seriously spoilt to be watching some of the best riders in the world ripping right on our doorstep. I did manage to get alot of shots but im only going to show a couple because others are still in the editing stage, there is no way to describe how i feel other than to say i am complete and utterly STOKED!
If anyone knows the name of the unknown rider please let me know!

Ben Player